Wealth Management

Investment Advisory

We advise on and customise each client’s portfolio allocation, dependant on individual circumstances, to develop an investment strategy tailored to meet specific investment objectives and risk profile. Our advisory service allows clients to retain control of investment decisions, backed by professional advice, based on best-in class research and products.

Investment Management

Our discretionary service allows clients to establish their own bespoke separately managed account, while still retaining an active involvement in the evolution of a chosen portfolio. We provide a comprehensive asset allocation service, tailored to the investor‘s specific requirements. We also ensure and continuously monitor that the risk controls are tailored to meet the specific risk/reward strategies that are used in the construction of the portfolio.

Risk Management

We measure investment risk in terms of historic market volatility. More volatile assets offer greater opportunity but have a greater risk. Combining asset classes and investments with different volatility characteristics enables us to reduce risk, whilst maximising returns.

Fee Monitoring

Cost management has a material impact on investment returns. We serve as a link for clients with custodian banks to ensure the cost of investment products and banking services are controlled and minimised.

It’s also worth noting that we do not hold client assets in custody is maintained in client’s names at globally recognized custodian banks.

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