Merchant Banking

We find that our clients value our advice as much regarding their personal assets as their corporate and operating assets and have therefore assembled a Merchant Banking team with a comprehensive range of skills and experience to bring the right solutions to our clients, and help them to navigate even the most complex of situations.

We also act as a bridge between our clients as they seek or identify attractive investment opportunities and offer a single platform where clients can share ideas and together make the most of investment opportunities.

Corporate Advisory

Leveraging our independence, we have developed a strong track record in sell-side advisory roles. Acting for target companies, or selling shareholders, we can operate at the heart of any process, assist in negotiations and give independent advice about the merits of bids received. We have a strong record of successful buy side advisory assignments as regards to both public and private target companies.

We provide merger and acquisition advice by putting a strong emphasis on stakeholder value and identifying key risks and benefits early. Divestiture, merger, or acquisition capabilities differ dramatically from one company to another and from one deal to the next. We tailor our approach to focus on risks, complement your strengths, and support your areas of need.

Principal Investment

We source, structure and manage investments made directly or alongside co-investment partners, so companies view Crossbridge Capital as a principal and engage us in that manner. Currently our ideas are generated through our integrated platform. This allows us to be in touch with enhanced deal-flow and off market opportunities, and as principals we actively manage our investments to build value and achieve exits for our clients. Our typical investment range is between £5 million and £20 million per transaction, directly or with partners. To view the existing portfolio companies managed by our co-advisor Core Capital LLP, please visit