Our Advantage


Using an ‘open architecture’ platform, we are not tied to any institution’s products meaning the advice and guidance we offer is totally objective and independent – put simply, we have no conflict of interest and act solely on behalf of our clients. By working with Crossbridge Capital, clients can be assured that where a solution to their investment requirements exists, we will find it. Our independence means our clients can trust the advice we provide them and we can better help our clients to grow and protect their wealth for the long term.


Through leveraging our network of contacts with top tier financial institutions, we can negotiate vastly improved terms for clients. Cost management has a material impact on investment returns. We serve as a link for clients with custodian banks to ensure the cost of investment products and banking services are controlled and minimised. In essence, we make the banks work harder for our clients. Additionally, we have put in place an advisory fee model which is customized, and transparent.

Unique Model

Our model is as simple as it is successful. We have found that our clients value our advice regarding their personal assets as much as their corporate assets. Using our own proven investment experience and, with access to the world’s leading sources of investment expertise, we use our fully integrated platform to advise our clients on how best to invest and structure all of their assets, whether monetized assets or operating businesses.


The opportunities facing our clients today are complex and multifaceted. We possess the skills and know-how our clients need to manage the risks and take advantage of the opportunities. Our handpicked team delivers a fresh perspective to investment advice for the modern-day entrepreneur, irrespective of the market, region, culture or language. Collectively, the team offers expertise, innovation and a variety of industry contacts across a wide range of disciplines.